Jessica Simpson Shows Exactly What ‘Celeb Mom Child Exploitation’ Means With New Video Of Baby Maxwell

Jessica SimpsonJust yesterday I was trying to explain the difference between my own job, where I sometimes use stories about my daughter to discuss parenting, and celebrities who turn parenthood into a paycheck. These celebs seem to exploit their pregnancies and children to generate good press or sell the public some new product. And celeb mom extraordinaire Jessica Simpson just perfectly illustrated the type of child exploitation I’m taking about!

Did you know that the expecting mom’s reality show Fashion Star is just starting its second season? If you aren’t already watching the show Simpson judges on, you might want to after seeing this adorable home video featuring baby Maxwell visiting her mommy backstage.

There’s a huge public interest in celebrity children and little Maxwell is no different. Celeb baby headlines get attention. And now, everyone gets to talk about Jessica Simpson’s daughter while basically watching an advertisement for the show that this mom would desperately like you to watch and support.

If Jessica Simpson made a simple behind-the-scenes look at how she gets ready for her show, few people would notice. “A celebrity getting her hair and make-up done? Yippee…” But when you hear, “See Maxwell visit her mommy backstage!” you’re interested. This is what the celeb mom exploits. And no one seems to be doing it better than Simpson.


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