Jessica Simpson & Her Pregnant BFF Are Shopping For Baby Stuff Round The Clock

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Jessica Simpson maternityThe friends who shop for baby stuff together are besties together, forever. Their fates forever sealed by much more than matching tattoos — we’re talking matching baby onesies and booties and baby rattles! Or maybe that’s just in the case of pregnant Jessica Simpson and her best friend, Cacee Cobb. 

Not too long ago, back when Jessica Simpson was reportedly throwing around the idea of a winter wedding, it was reported that her Best Friend was considering one too. Best Friend Dilemma, I guess. But now People magazine reports that that chick flick plot line isn’t ending there, as the two ladies are on an uber baby shopping extravaganza:

“Imagine if you and your best friend were pregnant at the same time – Cacee’s loving it,” Donald Faison [Cacee Cob’s husband] tells PEOPLE Thursday while promoting EA’s Real Racing 3 for Mobile.

“They hang out all the time anyway, but now they hang out and talk baby stuff, look at baby stuff online, and go shopping for baby stuff together.”

You ladies enjoy comparing bassinets and strollers and don’t you dare forget to hit up my favorite baby store ever Sweet William. How long can you debate the exact cuteness between a sleeveless pear onesie and a lemon onesie? Forever.