Jessica Simpson Shared a Photo of Her Leg Hair and People Really, Really Wanted to See It

Social media really made celebrities more accessible. Now thanks to Twitter and Instagram and Snapchat, celebrities are actually talking to normal people, and the normal people just love it. When I was a kid, if you wanted to see a celebrity drinking Starbucks, you had to buy a copy of US Weekly. Now they’re posting their own all over Instagram and hashtagging everything #PumpkinSpiceLatte. Back in 2002, if you wanted to see Jessica Simpson’s leg hair, you had to risk getting arrested. Now she’s just posting photos of her own leg hair to Instagram, and it turns out Instagram really wants to see Jessica Simpson leg hair.

This weekend, the star missed a spot while shaving. (They really are just like us!) And she posted the photo to Instagram — yes, of Jessica Simpson leg hair.

Why did Jessica Simpson post her leg hair to Instagram? I don’t know, but why not? It’s Instagram. We just toss stuff at it and sometimes it sticks. Jessica Simpson’s leg hair is certainly a lot more interesting than the last thing I posted on Instagram. (I mostly just take pictures of animals that walk by my window while I’m working.)

And it turns out that people really, really wanted to see Jessica Simpson’s leg hair! For some reason, it is striking a cord with the population right now. More than 20,000 people have liked the post. 20,000 people! And nearly 700 people have commented on it by now.

Somewhat surprisingly, most of those 700 comments are positive. I was half expecting it to be full of dudes going, “Ew, gross!” But actually most of the comments seem to be from people who find this extremely relatable.

“Been there!” everyone says.

Really, who hasn’t missed a spot while shaving? Half the comments have turned into a discussion of where people most often miss spots. Most of us seem to have trouble around the knobbly parts of the knee bone, but there’s a strong contingent missing spots around the ankle. (I can’t get the part behind my knees without cutting myself so the bathroom looks like a horror movie.)

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Seriously, how does a spot always get missed? No matter how careful I am, I always miss something. Oh well, if I can’t avoid missing a spot, I might as well just not shave ever.

What do you think of Jessica Simpson’s leg hair? Let us know in the comments.

(Image: Instagram / @JessicaSimpson)

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