Mommyish Poll: Are Push Presents Awesome Or Obnoxious?

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push presentA very pregnant Jessica Simpson is due any minute now. And along with a spanking new baby she’ll be getting some sparkly new jewelry. That’s because fiance Eric Johnson plans to surprise her with $30,000 worth of push presents. According to OK! magazine, Johnson splurged on several platinum bracelets, a matching necklace with a giant amethyst, and a band to be engraved with the baby’s birth date. Is it over the top? Sure. But don’t tell me you‘d refuse a gift like that from your baby daddy.

Actually, the whole idea of push presents – a little ‘thank you’ gift from dad to mom – has always been controversial. I’ve argued before on this site – around the time that new mom-slash-celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe received a 10-carat diamond from her hubs – that we moms deserve push presents. It’s not a necessity, that’s for sure – clearly a baby is “gift” enough – but if your guy can afford, then bring it on!

My colleague Mollie Hemingway disagrees. In a nutshell, she feels that diamond companies can take their push presents and shove ’em. “Commercialism will not make you feel loved,” she writes. “Having a husband who loves you — and shows that in ideally non-pecuniary ways — is what our society should be encouraging.”

What do you think about the whole concept of push presents? Yay or nay? Take our poll and weigh in comments section below. We’d love to hear your thoughts!

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