Jessica Simpson’s Baby Shower Was Just A Boring Ol’ Baby Shower

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jessica simpson babyJessica Simpson is still pregnant (um, hi, world’s longest pregnancy). And she’s probably just sitting around killing time, having sex, eating spicy food – whatever it is people do to bring on labor. Last night, she hopped online and posted footage from her recent baby shower for all the world to see. I was excited to see how famous people manage to make baby showers fun but, well, let’s just say they don’t. Hey, it turns out celebrities are just like you and me!

We’ve written on this very site before how baby showers can be torturous. In fact, Mommyish writer Ellen Himelfarb posed this very question to our dear readers:

If I asked you to haul yourself out of bed on a Sunday morning, scramble for childcare, travel across town to a stranger’s home, engage in stilted conversation, stuff your face with refined-sugar until you feel ill, take, say, 50 bucks and light it on fire, then curse the guest of honor, would you do it?… Now what if I told you it was for a baby shower?

In typical Mommyish fashion, half of you agreed with Ellen (myself included) while the other half called her a party-pooper (actually, I believe one reader used the word”Grinch”). As someone who falls into the former camp, I really was interested in seeing how Hollywood party planners up the baby-shower cool quotient.

Mindy Weiss was responsible for Simpson’s Charlotte’s Web-theme ‘do and, I must say, it looked perfect in terms of decor, food, flowers, fashion. And there were lots of little kids in the mix, including Ashlee Simpson‘s son Bronx and Jessica Alba‘s baby Haven. But the overall vibe? Yawn. Call me cynical, but what can I say? It looked like a typical baby shower where women just sit around eating and yapping. Some guests were even knitting (knitting!); it was hard to make out in the video but it looked like they were getting some kind of lessons. Simpson even did the dreaded open-up-gifts-in-front-of-everyone-and-act-delighted act, with a bored looking Eric Johnson by her side.

Don’t get me wrong: it looked like a very nice event. And I’m sure that Simpson had an excellent time. So I’m not criticizing the celebration itself because hey, even if baby showers are not for me personally, I can appreciate that they’re a special way for expectant moms to hang with her friends and get treated like royalty. And why not? But Simpson’s little video just reminded me that there’s no secret formula for making baby showers cool. Until they move to the evening and involve more alcohol, less gift opening and perhaps more men (name me one woman who doesn’t have at least one close male in her life aside from her baby daddy), a baby shower will always be…hmmmm…well…exactly what you’d expect.

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