Jessica Simpson Had Her Baby Boy So You Can All Stop Pacing The Floor In Anticipation!

wenn2862943Jessica Simpson gave birth to Ace Knute in Los Angeles on Sunday via planned C-section, according to CNN. Little Maxwell Drew will have a younger brother and maybe now Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson will have that star-studded reality TV wedding we have all been waiting for! I sure do hope so, because this couple is infinitely fascinating and I’m super excited to see the wedding photos in a tabloid in the near-future.

Because it’s been an entire day since she has given birth, do you think she has lost all the baby weight yet? I sure do hope so. I wonder if Weight Watchers representatives were in the hospital room with her. Maybe they weighed her placenta so they could already say in an ad that Jessica has lost 4 pounds since starting Weight Watchers. Our friends at TMZ are asking the classy question already:

Screen Shot 2013-07-01 at 7.31.15 AM

Where is the IDGAF option? I am voting for IDGAF. Someone make a note that I have voted IDGAF. It’s bad enough that we all have to feign interest when these Z-list celebs have babies and even worse when you realize that for the new few months, a lot of the news we are exposed to will be all about how fast Kim Kardashian and Jessica have lost their baby weight. I think it would be super cool if they made the announcement that they have decided not to lose any weight at all, and will maybe even gain a few pounds and they focus on what should be the most important things, their new babies. But I guess that won’t happen, and I also forgot the most important aspect of this:

(Image: WENN)

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