Child Abuse

Teen Girl Strangled Her Adult Boyfriend To Death Because She Obviously Had ZERO Parental Guidance

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Warning: I’m about to get all sorts of judgmental up in here so be prepared. As a mom and as a woman stories like this piss me off in every single way imaginable. Jessica Burlew, age 16, was arrested Saturday after allegedly strangling her 43-year-old boyfriend during what was said to be a “consensual sex game.” Jessica was charged with second degree murder as an adult.

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Her boyfriend, Jason Ash was declared dead after emergency services were called by the mother of Jessica, Tracey Woodside after she discovered Ash dressed but with his pants unbuttoned and not responding in the bedroom of their Phoenix apartment. According to the Daily Mail, Woodside told police that she left her 16-year-old daughter, who suffers from schizophrenia and autism, alone with Ash and returned when Burlew phoned her to say that the 43-year-old man had been hurt. Jessica told police she used electrical wire to strangle him and then cut his body with a razor blade in order to “wake him up.” She continued cutting his body after he was unresponsive to “relieve stress.”  No charges have been filed against the mother.

I’m not a detective, but anyone with an internet connection can do a search for this poor girl and see her Facebook posting like this:


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Now, don’t get me wrong, many 16-year-olds are prone to writing morbid stuff and having an interest in vampires and goth stuff and hell, I was one of them. But considering her mom claims her daughter suffers from mental illness (and also considering some of Jessica’s Facebook posts were made from Devereux, which is a mental health facility) and autism at one point do you maybe NOT leave her alone with her 43-year-old boyfriend?

So now we have a man dead, and a teenager who will likely spend time in jail, and it just seems this all could have been avoided somehow. For all I know Jessica’s mom HAD to leave the apartment and for some reason she had to let her daughter have a relationship with this older guy, but for the life of me I just don’t get it. It would seem that if you know your teen has mental problems this is where you don’t let them have a relationship with a man old enough to be their father.

I feel bad for the man even though he shouldn’t have been dating a child, I feel bad for the mom because I’m sure she’s feeling pretty horrible at this point, and I feel awful for Jessica because who knows for a fact if she even understood what happened?

It’s easy for me to get all judgy about this because I don’t know what it’s like having a teen daughter with a mental illness, but I do know no matter what the mental state of my children are I won’t be leaving them alone in my home with their much older partners. Maybe the only time Jessica was happy was when she was with his guy. Maybe she was out of control and her poor mom thought this was the only way to make her happy. I don’t know, i’m not these people, but my heart breaks because it just seems like this could have somehow been avoided. This is just one of those situations where I wish someone would have stepped in and not left Jessica at home alone with her boyfriend.

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