Daily Fail Scratches Its Head Over How Jessica Alba Could Still Be Bone-Able After 2 Kids

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Jessica Alba signs copies of her book 'The Honest Life: Living Naturally and True to You' and greets fans at Coral Gables Congregational ChurchIn addition to all the run of the mill ick that’s commonly hurled at pregnant and post-baby celeb ladies about their bodies, there exists the derogatory “can you believe she is still hot?” piece. A lady in the limelight has a baby or two, happens to be wearing a bikini somewhere, and the tabloids pause to contemplate how a woman could still be conventionally bone-able after birthing a child. WEIRD I KNOW.

The latest target of such misogynistic head-scratching is Jessica Alba, who was notably still turning heads while she was pregnant (another BIG rule breaker). But a couple of babies later, she’s on vacation in St. Barts in a bathing suit, and the Daily Mail cannot believe their eyes:

She became famous for her incredible bikini body in the 2005 underwater action movie Into The Blue.

And eight years – and two children – later, Jessica Alba has slipped back into a similar sky blue swimsuit while on holiday in St. Barts, in the French West Indies.

She proved that she still has the same amazing figure, despite giving birth to two kids in the interim…After her fun in the water, she was seen walking out the surf with Cash, who looked rather pleased to be stood beside his beautiful wife.

Eights years and two kids, you say? And she’s still attractive? That’s two massive strikes against her in the standard code of tabloid-defined woman hotness. Next you’ll be telling me her husband will still deign to kiss her even when she doesn’t have makeup on. #MindBlown.

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