Dottie Sandusky Is A Vile Child Molester Apologist

Penn State child abuse scandalFormer Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky will likely die in prison for the 45 counts of sexual abuse of young boys he’s been charged with. His wife, Dottie, continues to try to explain it all away. Pathetic.

I imagine it would be difficult to come to find out you were married to a child predator for 37 years. I imagine it would make your life seem like a disgusting sham. I’m not exactly sure what the best way to deal with that revelation would be – but I can say it definitely wouldn’t be to be in such deep denial that you essentially claim almost 50 victims of sexual abuse are money hungry liars, like Dottie Sandusky is doing.

In a recent interview with Matt Lauer she said, ”I think it was, they were manipulated, and they saw money,’’ she said. ”Once lawyers came into the case, they said there was money.” I find it impossible to fathom that this woman actually believes that dozens of people could be lying. Her husband was convicted on 45 of 48 charges of sexual abuse of young boys. 45 charges.

She describes her husband as a misunderstood lover of children. She explains that his showering with children was totally innocent: ”I believe he showered with kids. That’s the generation that Jerry grew up in….There were always people coming in and out no matter what time that was.” It’s really hard to listen to someone who is clearly deluded by an unwillingness to admit she was married to a monster. Dottie Sandusky is a case study in denial.

When faced with the question of whether she is in denial – she goes even deeper into it by claiming that there’s basically nothing to be in denial about. She showed Lauer the basement where the abuse took place, to prove that it “is not a dungeon. It is not what those kids said. You can scream, and you can hear it up to the second floor.” Oh my God.

Okay Dottie – you can go away now. No one can force you to accept that your husband is a convicted serial predator of children who will probably die in prison for his crimes. But you can certainly stop talking about victims you don’t believe, whose lives were irreversibly scarred by the man you took vows and shared a roof with. I just can’t feel sorry for someone who could be so oblivious about the person she is married to. It’s disgusting that she continues to stand up for a predator, hoping beyond hope that she can convince a public that is not in her deep place of denial that all of his victims are not credible.


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