Jerry Sandusky May Have Had An Icky Pedophile Buddy

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Jerry SanduskyDeep breath gang. This Jerry Sandusky case could be getting worse. Worse than when we learned that Sandusky was accused of abusing his own son. And worse still than we found out that the four most powerful men on campus knew of these repeated instances of child abuse and did nothing. Sandusky may not have acted alone. At least in one instance of abuse.

Perhaps the only scenario more alarming than four grown men being aware of child abuser on premises and not informing the authorities is them knowing that there were two child abusers. Federal authorities are reportedly interviewing an eye witness who claims that he saw Sandusky and a Penn State booster sexually abusing two boys on a private plane. Radar Online reports:

“The witness doesn’t know if the boys are victims who have already been identified or not,” the source told Radar. “He claims it happened on a private plane, with no pilot or crew around and that he was an eyewitness.

“His claim is being taken seriously by investigators. They have already asked another man who is connected to one of the victims if he knew anything about this. And they are following up with other potential witnesses.”

Of course, the question remains why yet another person who claims to have witnessed child sexual abuse did not grab the nearest cell phone and call the police immediately. A conundrum for both us as a society, but also for the police:

“This witness has some baggage,” the source said. “The Feds are going to need to corroborate what he says. But he is adamant that he is telling the truth. And that raises questions about why he didn’t report what he saw at the time.

“Unfortunately he’s not the only person involved in this who didn’t do the right thing when they should have.”

It seems that this case is producing more and more persons who “didn’t do the right thing when they should have.” And while their accounts are certainly appreciated as we delve even deep into this abyss of child trauma and adult accountability, their inability to speak at the time evidences a frightening trend.

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