Jerry Sandusky Attempts Second Appeal To Overturn That Whole Raping 10 Children Thing

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courhouseLike a huge zit on the country’s chin that just will not go away, Jerry Sandusky is continuing his legal battles, attempting to overturn his conviction on 45 counts of sexual abuse and assault, perpetrated on 10 different victims. The disgraced former Penn State coach has filed his second appeal with the Pennsylvania Superior Court. Let’s see the bogus reasons he comes up with this time.

Sandusky’s first appeal was thrown out at the end of January. In it, Sandusky and his legal team laid out seven reasons why they believe that the sex offender’s guilty verdict should be overturned. Chief among their complaints is that they did not have a sufficient amount of time to prepare their defense. Judge John Cleland, who oversaw Sandusky’s trial, denied that initial appeal.

Now, the living embodiment of Penn State’s embarrassment is taking his case to a higher court, though he has not revealed the exact reason for his appeal quite yet. The Pennsylvania Superior Court warns right on its website that most petitions it receives are denied. (Which makes me feel a little better inside.)

Of course, Sandusky’s appeals are not the only continuing legal drama about the Penn State scandal. Three former school administrators have been charged with attempting to cover up Jerry Sandusky’s crimes. Former Penn State president Graham Spanier, former Vice President Gary Schultz and athletic director Tim Curley are all awaiting trial for lying to the grand jury, conspiracy, failure to report suspected child abuse, criminal conspiracy and endangering the welfare of children.

While most of us will just roll our eyes over Sandusky’s latest attempt to evade responsibility for his crimes, it’s awful to think about the continued stress these appeals put on the former coach’s victims. No matter how unlikely it is that the court would overturn ruling, each fresh appeal has to bring so much anxiety to these poor men and their families, men who have already suffered enough at the hands of Sandusky.

It shouldn’t be surprising that this monster can’t just crawl into a hole and finally do something beneficial for his victims like letting them move on with their lives. It shouldn’t be surprising, but it’s still upsetting.

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