Jerks Who Don’t Know How To Scroll Past A Photo Shame A New Mom For ‘Oversharing’ On Facebook

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If you know a mother who posts too much about her kids on Facebook and it is making you crazy, there is a fool-proof way to handle it: Unfollow her. If you do not want to de-friend her, you can even choose to keep her on your friends list but not see the updates she posts. Just go to her page, leave the “Friends” box checked, and click the “Following” box to turn it off. When you are not following a Facebook friend, it will look like this:


It is a piece of cake, even for Luddites. You know what you should not do? You should not get a bunch of Mean Girls friends together to write her a nasty note shaming her for posting what you deem to be insufficiently entertaining content on her own Facebook page.

That’s what happened to Jade Ruthven, a new mother from Perth, Australia, who has been sharing photos of her very cute six-month old baby, Addison, on Facebook. Maybe she was sharing a few too many, who knows. But then, according to the Daily Mail, she received this horrible letter in her mailbox one day:

Anyone have that Facebook friend who shares EVERYTHING about their baby? This woman’s friends sent her a letter telling her to stop.

Posted by KROCK on Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Ruthven’s friends seem like jerks who not only don’t know how to unfollow, they don’t know how to scroll past something. Seriously, it took them much longer to write this nasty note than it ever did to roll on by a baby picture on Facebook.

“She wears a new outfit – well take a photo and send it PRIVATELY to the person who gave it to her –  not to everyone!!!! She crawls off the mat – we DON”T care!!!!! … I guess you are just pissing a lot of people off with your ‘Addy this and Addy that,'” the anonymous jerks wrote.

People can be real jerks about “oversharing” parents on social media. When I first got pregnant, I was so worried about finding a non-obnoxious way to inform people that I just didn’t say anything and wound up announcing the pregnancy by posting a photo a couple days after the baby was born. It was another couple months before I could bring myself to even post a photo, and that I did apologetically.

“It’s OK to post a couple of these, right?” I asked, obnoxiously timid and clearly begging for my friends to say, “Post away! She’s cute and we are not annoyed by this.”

It’s not like I was posting scintillating stuff before the baby, unless you really cared what Game of Thrones character I would be or what fancy thing I ate for dinner that night. Because that’s what most of Facebook is: Babies, cats, meals, and political chain letters. Yes, some parents post a lot of stuff on Facebook and it can get annoying to see. But if that happens, just unfollow like a grown-up and move on with your life. It will save you a lot of stress in the long run.