Jenny McCarthy’s Creepy Explanation For Kissing Justin Bieber Is Worse Than The Actual Kiss

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Jenny McCarthyIn case you missed it, Jenny McCarthy pretty much attacked Justin Bieber at the American Music Awards after presenting him the trophy for Rock/Pop Album Of The Year.  She went in for the “Congratulations Hug” and ended up kissing his neck and grabbing his ass as he fumbled to try to get away. But even worse than the creeptastic stage show was McCarthy’s explanation for the kiss.

While defending her awkward ways, the comedienne told Entertainment Tonight:

“It was a little cougar scary, but I took the opportunity in the window, considering I’ll never get to do it again, and kind of molested him.”


“Can you imagine how hilarious that would be? [If the two actually dated.] It would be the cougar score of the century. ‘Jenny McCarthy dates Justin Bieber.’ I want some Bieber fever — and I want a Bieber rash. It’d be like cougar rape.”

So we have a molestation comparison and a rape comparison all in one? Sure Jenny, that’s hillllllarious. It definitely makes the whole situation better…

On stage after the kiss, Bieber said, “Wow. I feel violated right now.” And you know what? I bet he did. Some woman he didn’t know pawed at him and kissed his neck as he tried to get away. It doesn’t matter how old either one of them are. If the genders were reversed here, and we were talking about a 40-year-old actor and an 18-year-old pop princess, everyone would be pretty appalled at that behavior. Just because it’s a female, self-titled “cougar” doesn’t make the whole thing acceptable.

Jenny McCarthy’s whole shtick is being outrageous. I get that. I’m sure she thought the whole thing was in good fun. But after seeing how uncomfortable the situation got, after hearing him say that he “felt violated,” even if it was in a joking manner, the correct move was not to double down. She shouldn’t have just said, “I had the chance, so I molested him.”

At that point, McCarthy should have said, “I wasn’t trying to make him uncomfortable! I was just so excited so for him.” That would have been it. Maybe a mention that grabbing his butt wasn’t exactly appropriate. But really, anything would have been better than the “cougar rape” comment. Promoting and encouraging the use of the world “cougar” is bad enough. Joking about committing molestation and rape… well, it’s really not funny.

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