Jennifer Lopez Doesn’t Quite Understand The Theme Of Her Twins’ Birthday Party

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Jennifer Lopez twinsUnderstanding what young children want can be a trying task at times. Simple inquiries about Halloween costumes can often times leave parents, or childcare givers, wondering how to fashion a costume out of a “horse-riding ballerina” request (I’ve been there.) Such is the plight of Jennifer Lopez who is apparently scratching her head over what twins Max and Emme are pushing for their big fifth birthday.

People magazine reports that the soon-to-be 5-year-old Jennifer Lopez twins have requested a rainbow-themed birthday. At least, as far as she can tell:

“They’re 5 next month, and they want a rainbow party. Lots of rainbow stuff!” Lopez told reporters at Wednesday night’s L’Oreal and Cinema Society New York screening of her new thriller, Parker.

“I don’t know [what that means],” says the singer and actress, 43. “Very colorful?”

Your guess is as good as mine. Hey, at least the twins are in agreement on a theme. Nothing worse than having your birthday partner demand a princess sparkle birthday when you’re actually looking to go the Spiderman route.

Just grab one color of everything from goody bags to furniture to craft paints and call it a day. Take a page from Rainbow Bright and call it a week. Luckily cupcakes come in quite literally every color of the rainbow.

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