In Watching Jennifer Lopez Wrangle Her 4-Year-Old, We Neglected To Appreciate Her Accessories

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Jennifer Lopez may have had the nerve to take her 4-year-old daughter Emme to the front row at Paris Fashion Week, but wrangling bored tots during grownup functions isn’t all she has a taste for. It seems that between all that “please sit still for mommy” body language, we missed that little Emme was wearing more than $2400 worth of Chanel accessories. I guess even if Emme didn’t enjoy the show, at least she dressed the part. Points for fashion participation!

Us Weekly reports that the little girl was wearing a Chanel brooch estimated at $310 (the little double C’s on her chest) and her own little Chanel butterfly bag priced at $2,100. And don’t feel like the little girl is spoiled or anything because both pieces are from last season. So no princesses here. She’ll have to get a job to buy those new season Chanel hula hoop bags just like every other celebrity child.

No, I don’t care what Suri Cruise has. In this house, we prove that we can be good little girls at Fashion Week before getting any new presents.

(photo: WENN)