I Wonder How Jennifer Lopez Squares Motherhood With A Collaboration With Chris Brown?

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jennifer lopez and chris brownJennifer Lopez has never been my most favorite person in the whole wide world, but she never really bothered me. I didn’t even see Gigli, so there’s no reason to hold a grudge over that nonsense. I find the whole “still from the block” bit to be a little absurd, but whatever floats her boat. Then, I saw the news that she is most likely collaborating with Chris Brown on her next album. Now, from one mom to another, J. Lo is kind of dead to me.

I realize that the Chris Brown hatred has been done. I think it’s a generally accepted idea that people are either fans, or they really, really hate the young musician who beat his girlfriend Rihanna to a pulp. We all know that Rihanna has forgiven her ex, as they seem to thoroughly enjoy stoking outrage with musical collaborations featuring extremely explicit lyrics and racy Instagram shots. But honestly, that doesn’t mean that the rest of the world suddenly needs to be supportive of a man we find morally repugnant.

More than that, viewers and fans have a right to turn their backs on anyone who chooses to associate themselves with people who disrespect and abuse women. And that’s a right that I’m happy to exercise against Jennifer Lopez, who seems perfectly happy to pose with this man for pictures and work with him professionally.

J. Lo has twins, Max and Emme. And I have to wonder how she would feel if it were her daughter who had her eye blackened and her lip split. Would she still be so willing to look past those previous crimes? What would Lopez, as a mother, have to say to her son if she ever found out that he had physically assaulted a significant other? Would she tell him that it’s no big deal and people shouldn’t hold it against him, or would she force him to understand just how unforgivable and awful his crime was?

As a mom, how do you throw your arm around someone who put another woman’s daughter in the hospital because he couldn’t control his anger or his fists?

I’ve never really cared all that much about Jennifer Lopez. But seeing this picture has convinced me to never watch a movie or buy an album that she releases, just like I wouldn’t give my money to Chris Brown himself.

The music industry might be comfortable welcoming Chris Brown into their elite ranks. They can give him awards and let him perform on high-profile shows. Lopez might feel like he’s an appropriate person to work with. But I can’t forget his past, especially given how unwilling he seems to take responsibility for it or attempt to learn from it.

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