Jennifer Lopez Is Clueless As To Why Her BF Hasn’t Left Her For Some Hot Young Thing

shutterstock_110742764Jennifer Lopez has had a lot going on, and it doesn’t always involve taking one of her 4-year-old twins to Fashion Week. The mother of two dishes to People magazine that life has been pretty rough since splitting with husband of seven years, Marc Anthony. Now she’s spending her nights in the cozy and youthful embrace of her 25-year-old boyfriend Casper Smart. But she’s perplexed that he hasn’t ditched her for the likes of Taylor Swift — or rather some other random 20-something.

Jenny From The Block tells the tabloid that her romance with the dancer and choreographer has helped her “heal” following the divorce. Casper has “been here” for the mother. But that 18-year age difference does have those wheels turning:

“I ask him, ‘Why don’t you go find a young girlfriend and get out of here? What do you want with me?’ And you think, ‘How long is this gone be?’ You think, ‘Okay, in 10 years I’m going to be like this and you’re going to be like that’ and ”¦ men at that age are ”¦ I think all different things. The truth is we don’t know what’s going to happen. We’re loving this moment right now. We make each other happy.”

Hey, he doesn’t seem to protest when you take your 4-year-old to a runway show so he must be a keeper. Right, J.Lo?

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