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People Accused Jennifer Lopez of Photoshopping Her Abs, and JLo Wasn’t Having It

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Jennifer Lopez recently did what so many of us do when we’re having a good day: she was feeling herself, so she posted a selfie to her Instagram account. Only we’re not J.Lo, and we certainly don’t have J.Lo’s abs, and thank god, we also don’t have J.Lo’s followers. Soon after the pic went up, comments started rolling in, accusing the actress/singer/super star of photoshopping the picture. Now, we weren’t focusing on anything other than her AMAZING bod, but apparently, something in the mirror caught some people’s eye.

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Ayyyyy… ?

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If you squint and bring your phone veeeeeeery close to your face, you can see a small smudge on the right side of her so-tight-it’s-not-fair tummy. Again, how anyone can peel their eyes away from this gorgeous woman long enough to notice anything else in the picture is beyond us. But the accusations of photoshop got so out of hand, J.Lo herself felt the need to pop in with a few choice words for her, uh, fans.

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Lord bless the haters, indeed. Upon closer examination, the imperfection people were pointing out is so obviously a fingerprint or smudge, so we’re not sure why the pile-on even happened in the first place. Seriously, have these people ever SEEN Jennifer Lopez?

Or watched her do what she does??

This woman werks. HARD. And as a celebrity, who’s physical appearance is tied to her fame in many ways, is it really so hard to believe that she is, in fact, a gym rat?

We love that J.Lo chimed in and shut down the nastiness happening on her photo, and it was refreshing to see true fans support her. We can’t imagine the amount of hard work and dedication that goes into looking like that (at nearly 50!), and we applaud her efforts and the kick-ass results. And while we might not have J.Lo’s fame, or fortune, or natural beauty and rockin’ bod, we do find comfort in knowing that even Jennifer Lopez has dirty bathroom mirrors. Celebrities: they’re just like us!

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