Jennifer Garner’s Trainer Updates Us All On Her Lycra Status

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Jennifer GarnerJennifer Garner recently had baby boy Samuel in the spring and because she hasn’t thrown herself at the commercial mercy of Weight Watchers or Fiber One, we’re all left guessing as to how Ms. Garner is svelt-ifying. At least, that’s what her trainer, Valerie Waters, wants us to think.

People magazine reports that the mother of three’s “enviable figure” is doing just great, thanks. Fantastic, actually. She’s putting on pleather and has graduated from sweats to Lycra:

“She’s looking so amazing right now,” says Waters, who’s worked with Garner for more than a decade. “She looks strong and sexy, and I like that she’s rocking her Lycra again!”

Garner may have jumped back into exercising four weeks after having Samuel, but she started slow. “The first couple workouts were 15 to 20 minutes,” says Waters, who has since increased the sessions to 40 minutes, three to four times a week.

Aside from cardio twice a week, a typical workout might include a strength training circuits using weights, exercise bands and Waters’s ValSlide training tool.

“Getting out of the sweats and into the leggings was a big step,” says Waters.

I’m all for highlighting mothers who aren’t in a contractual hurry to evaporate, whether we’re talking twice a mommy Garner or even Jenna Fischer. But quantifying weight loss with regards to what clothes women are culturally permitted to wear and not wear based on their size is just feeding the body-snarking beast. The only thing preventing Garner from throwing on her Lycra X number of pounds ago, aside from maybe her own personal preference, is the toxic sentiment that she probably can’t “get away with that” as a new mother. And while I respect her trainer’s sound bytes about slow workouts eventually increasing, the idea that she couldn’t have sported pleather is just as backhanded as calling her “brave” for leaving the house in postpartum Lycra.