Jennifer Garner Praised For Simultaneously Holding Daughter And Handbag. Moms Say ‘Big Woop’

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It seems that even the smallest tasks are viewed as amazing when completed by a celebrity. The Daily Mail ran an article praising Jennifer Garner today. That’s not surprising. She’s a great actress, by all indications a pretty incredible mom, and apparently an amazing multi-tasker.  The article is titled, Talk about a handful! Jennifer Garner puts on balancing act as she carries daughter Seraphina and heavy handbag:

You would think life as a Hollywood A-lister would be easy. 

But that was certainly not the case for Jennifer Garner in Los Angeles on Friday, as she carried her daughter, a heavy handbag and a bottle of water back to her car.

No way? Her daughter, her handbag, and a bottle of water? Back to her car?

Too bad I’m not a celebrity, because I’d like to invite the Daily Mail on a trip with me to Target some day. If they think carrying a child and a bottle of water to a car is amazing, surely they would find the feats of nature I pull off during my daily pedestrian life in Brooklyn worthy of some kind of Mother-of-the-year award.

An average trip to Target starts with the navigation of the crappiest umbrella stroller on the planet through the imperfectly paved sidewalks of Brooklyn. Why the crappy umbrella stroller? It’s the only thing light enough to carry back up the stairs to my apartment with my toddler in one hand and groceries in the other.

The browsing through Target is pretty uneventful, but culminates in a truly amazing execution of balance and planning. How many bags can I hang from the stroller for the walk home without causing said stroller to tip over? How many bags can I balance from each shoulder while leaning over the hardest stroller to push ever made? I wish I was heading to a car.

The best part of the trip is it’s finale – at the base of the steps to my brownstone. First, take toddler out of stroller and fold stroller up – while making sure toddler doesn’t run into traffic. Next, balance the weight of the bags as equally as I can on each shoulder, hoping that hoisting my toddler on my hip won’t cause me to tip over. Finally, start the ascent up three flights to the apartment. Did I mention I’m pregnant?

Every mother I know is playing the tiniest violin in the world for me right now. Why? Because who cares if I do this stuff? We all do this stuff. I guess it’s eventful to see Jennifer Garner perform very regular tasks because we assume all celebrities live lives that are not as normal and mundane as ours. Do we expect her to have an assistant following her around to carry her water and designer bags back to her car for her?

The thing is – she seems like such a down-to-earth, cool mom. She probably laughed when she saw the article, too.