Jennifer Garner And Ben Affleck’s Baby Name Is Shockingly Normal – What A Letdown!

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samuel garner affleckI’m one of those people who loves hearing what parents have named their newborns. It’s totally nerdy, but I can’t help it. The more unique or out-there the name, the more into I get (take Blue Ivy, for instance – I was a fan from the moment I heard it). Of course, I gave my own children the “safest” and most conventional names around, but that doesn’t change my obsession with baby-name trends and who’s naming their baby what – especially in the celebrity world.

So when news broke that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck gave birth to a baby boy, I couldn’t wait to hear what name they chose for the little guy. Remember, these are parents who’ve named their other children Violet and Seraphina (aged 6 and 3). Well, they’ve finally revealed their baby’s name and guess what? It is shockingly normal.

Their latest addition is named Samuel. Yep, plain old Samuel. Samuel Garner Affleck. Don’t get me wrong – it’s classic and powerful and an awesome name. But it’s so…normal. No word yet on why they chose that name or if it has any personal meaning. We wish Jen and Ben all the best with their expanding brood!

(Photo: CelebrityFIX)