Jennifer Aniston’s ‘Fuller Face’ Is Our New Misogynistic Window Into Her Pregnancy

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Jennifer Aniston PregnantThe unfortunate reigning queen of pregnancy rumors, Ms. Jennifer Aniston herself, is once again cluing the press into her hypothetical pregnancy. Allegedly. The woman who seriously could have been pregnant 10 times over based on the tabloids’ assessment of her every skin fold was photographed arriving at the Jimmy Kimmel studios. And just like the press tried to make a thing out of Kate Middleton‘s “pregnant face,” they’ve moved right on to our old pregnancy rumor veteran Jen.

Last month, we knew Jennifer Aniston’s womb was carrying fruit based on her wearing a coat — in December. But now we’ve moved on to scrutinizing other more visible parts of her body. Watch how the award winning fat-shaming Daily Mail both infers that the actress helped herself to one too many Christmas cookies and is knocked up. All based on images of her face:

Fresh from the excesses of Christmas and New Year, Jennifer Aniston looked to be sporting a fuller face as she arrived at the Jimmy Kimmel studios on Tuesday.

The actress was caught at an unflattering angle while walking down Hollywood Boulevard to film the late night show…Her appearance adds fuel to the constant rumours that the former Friends star is expecting her first child.

However, the 43-year-old star showed off her slim figure in a peplum style black dress for an energetic appearance on the talk show.

However, Jennifer managed to relegate that excess fat to her face and away from her banging body — and that’s what’s really important.