Can We All Stop Trying To Put A Baby In Jennifer Aniston, Please?

shutterstock_122720032__1367764127_142.196.167.223How many years has it been that we’ve all been forcing Jennifer Aniston to be pregnant? By my calculations, it’s about seven-and-a-half. Ever since Brad Pitt left her to start a family with Angelina Jolie, we’ve all been trying to give Jen some kind of ”revenge bump.” Take that Brad! I’m not barren! Can we stop the insanity, please?

The baby fervor is going into over-drive since she got engaged to Justin Theroux. As we all know, everyone who gets married wants to start a family. Please tell me you didn’t miss the sarcasm in that statement. Why isn’t it enough to be wildly successful, gorgeous, rich and have a hot husband to travel the globe with? Why are we always trying to put a baby in Jennifer Aniston?

An article I read this week in Metro inspired this rant. The headline was, ”Jennifer Aniston Sparks Rumors She Is Pregnant Saying Yoga Is Helping Her ”˜Prepare.’  The quote was actually, ”Yoga kinda helps you prepare for everything. Honestly, it’s like meditation.” Um, does anyone else feel like she was confessing to being pregnant here? I don’t. The article goes on to say, ”The blonde continued to tease with a set of vague responses about her exercise regime and said that she was using yoga to ”˜prepare’ but didn’t specify if that was for a wedding or a baby.” Because women obviously can’t use tools like yoga to just help them cope with life a little better. We wouldn’t bother ”preparing” for anything that wasn’t a wedding or a baby. Good grief.

I’m sure we have years of speculation ahead of us, unless she decides to go on Anderson Cooper and say she’s pre-menopausal or has decided to have a hysterectomy or something. God forbid a successful, popular, soon-to-be-married woman doesn’t use her uterus for baby-making. What will we all do?

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