Jennifer Aniston Flashes Her Huge Engagement Ring To Complement Her Hugely Awesome Life

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I’m a fan of Jennifer Aniston.  Always have been – always will be.  Maybe it’s because I sympathized with her public heartbreak.  Or maybe it’s because, as a mother and a person with a brain, I know all of this “pining over Brad Pitt” media coverage is bullshit.

Who in their right mind would fantasize about a life carting around six kids when they themselves are independently wealthy, free as the wind, and engaged to a smoking-hot actor? She’s living the dream, folks.  We can all stop wondering whether she’s crying into a bowl of Haagen Daz every night, watching Troy.  She’s not.  We’re not friends or anything, but I assure you – she’s not.

All of the engagement ring photos that are buzzing around the Internet today support this claim.   I’m sure all of the body language experts would back it up, too.  Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are deliriously happy.  They’re frolicking around town in super-hip outfits, laughing and gazing into each other’s eyes.   In one scene, she lovingly clasps his face, and her giant rock of an engagement ring catches the sunlight.  You couldn’t orchestrate this scene better if it was in a movie.  But it’s not a movie.  It’s someone’s life – Jennifer’s to be exact.  Who wouldn’t want this life?

Oh, I forgot – Brad.  It’s all about Brad.  Brad wanted kids.  Jennifer wanted to focus on her career.  What kind of woman is she?  Of course he had to leave her!  He wanted to be a dad six times over. What woman wouldn’t want that?  How could she let him go?

Aniston was in a Mommy War of her own, and she wasn’t even a mommy yet.  I’m not even sure that the term existed then.  The public turned against her because she was rumored to have chosen career over children.  This proved to be an unforgivable offense, and the seven-year media shame and sob-fest ensued.  That’s right, it’s been seven years since the break-up.  Seven years.

Now Aniston is engaged.  Finally, she is falling into one of the roles that we assume a woman has to fulfill to be considered a human being on this planet – wife or mother.  Maybe we can all be happy for her, and drop the whole Brad thing once and for all – or at least until the pregnancy speculation starts.

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