Jenni Rivera – Singer, Domestic Violence Advocate And Mother Of 5, Dead In Plane Crash

Sad news today as we get word that Latina singer, television star, domestic violence advocate, grandmother and mother of five, Jenni Rivera, has died in a plane crash. Jenni was 43 at the time of death, and she was a single mother at age 15. She began recording music in 1992, and her songs often had the themes of infidelity and social issues. She was one of the judges of La Voz Mexico, based on the popular reality singing competition The Voice, and at the time of her death, she had recently been named People en Español’s 25 most powerful women, not to mention one of the ”50 Most Beautiful” people two years in a row. She was known across the Spanish-speaking world as the Queen Of Banda, a popular style of music usually accompanied by a strong percussion groove. Jenni Rivera was set to star on a new television show called Jenni, which was to be a family comedy about a single Latina woman juggling a family and a business, and she was also writing an autobiography and releasing a clothing line. From NBC News:

Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera died in a plane crash Saturday night, her father and brother confirmed on Telemundo.

Rivera was heading for the city of Toluca in central Mexico after a concert in Monterrey on Saturday night. The singer, two pilots and four other passengers were aboard, Mexican officials said.

Jorge Domene, spokesman for Nuevo Leon’s government told Milenio television that civilian agency helicopters flew over the state searching for the plane. The missing included her publicist, lawyer, makeup artist and the flight crew, the ministry of transportation and communication said in a statement.

Jenni Rivera had her first child while in high school, and tragedy has marked her personal life. From The Daily Beast, which explains the late singer’s marriages:

…and later married the father of her first three children, Jose Trinidad Marin. Years after the pair split, the family’s drama was made public when Marin was convicted of raping Rivera’s daughter and sister-in-law. She divorced her second husband in 2003, and he died just a few years later. In 2010, romance seemed to be in full bloom for Rivera when she wed again, this time baseball player Esteban Loaiza, in an event People en Espanol called ”The Wedding of the Year.” Sadly, the marriage was not to last, and the couple split just this October. ”I wish I never married him, that’s the truth,” she revealed on her radio program. ”I suffered a lot and now I see it was a mistake. The things that happened were terrible, bad enough that I finally stood up and said ”˜no more, I won’t take this anymore.’”

Jenni Rivera had posted on her Twitter account on Friday, giving a shootout to a concert in Monterrey. 

It’s always so terribly sad when a mom dies, especially around the holidays. I can’t imagine the anguish her family and children are going through, as well as all of her fans worldwide. After her concert in Monterey Saturday night, Rivera gave a press conference where she said the following:

“I can’t get caught up in the negative because that destroys you. Perhaps trying to move away from my problems and focus on the positive is the best I can do. I am a woman like any other and ugly things happen to me like any other women,” she said Saturday night, according to The Associated Press. “The number of times I have fallen down is the number of times I have gotten up.”

Just like any other celebrity, there are a lot of unsavory rumors and news reports surrounding the late singer’s personal life, which I’m sure will be made worse now that she is dead and can’t refute them. Hopefully the media will let the family mourn in piece before picking apart the life of a woman who meant so much to so many.


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