This Toddler’s Jedi Riding a Tauntaun Costume Just Won Halloween


It’s only October 18, so it’s a little early to declare that someone “won Halloween,” but Heidi Klum had better watch her back, because this little kid’s Jedi Riding a Tauntaun costume is amazing.

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According to CNet, the whole Jedi riding a tauntaun Halloween costume was homemade by the little boy’s dad, Clint Case, and it’s a pretty adorable feat of engineering. The little kid is Luke Skywalker, and his legs go down into the tauntaun’s legs, so it can walk and jump and even run. “Luke Skywalker’s” legs are actually a set of false legs attached to the body of the tauntaun.

It looks surprisingly easy for the kid to move in. It also looks very warm, which is good, because kids don’t like it when you make them wear a coat over their cute costumes. (No coat has been invented that’s warmer than the guts of a tauntaun, though. If you can stand the smell, that is.)

This is one of the best kids’ Halloween costumes anybody has ever seen, and the Internet is positively drooling over it. This is even one of the times it’s OK to read the YouTube comments, because the cuteness has won over even that audience, and it’s mostly Star Wars references and people asking if they can get one in grown-up sizes.

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