Jay Z Won A Gold Sippy Cup At Last Night’s Grammy Awards

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56th GRAMMY Awards - Backstage And AudienceLast night at the Grammy Awards Jay Z and his little woman performed Drunk In Love and pretty much killed it. I mean, come on. Not only did Beyonce look ridic gorgeous with her damp hair and her little Flashdance chair routine but when her husband joined her onstage he patted her booty (licious) and pretty much showed the entire world how sexy marriage can be indeed. But this little display of affection wasn’t nearly enough because every time the cameras cut to them in the audience the world was privy to them holding hands, Jay Z kissing his wife’s forehead, and the megaceleb couple just being full on adorable the entire time.

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Because this wasn’t enough to make the rest of us shlubs totally enraptured with the Carter clan, when Jay Z was called onstage to accept the Grammy award for best rap collaboration he not only thanked God for a “beautiful light of a young lady in his life” motioning to Bey, he also told his daughter that Daddy got a gold sippy cup just for her.

So not only did we have Jay Z and Beyonce looking gorgeous all night, performing a super hot opening number and displaying all manner of public affection, we also had Jay give a shout out to his daughter and sippy cups.

56th GRAMMY Awards - Show

I don’t know guys, it looks like parenthood may finally be considered HOT in the music biz.

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