Jay-Z Says Beyonce Is Not Pregnant, Implies That We All Need To Get A Life

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beyonce at the Mediolanum Forum in Milan, Italy, on her The Mrs. Carter Show World TourDespite a 24-hour news cycle of Beyonce pregnant congratulations and speculation over how her tummy looks in dresses, Jay-Z is calling off the parade. Bun officially not in the oven, according to Beyonce’s husband.

The father of Blue Ivy reportedly had some words with Old Man Ebro of radio station Hot 97 FM. Old Man says that after E! was jumping up and down with their “multiple sources” confirming Beyonce’s second baby, he heard from Jay-Z himself. In yet another ultra candid uterus update by Jay-Z, the father not only adamantly denied the pregnancy, but also relayed that “the news is worse than blogs.”

So either Beyonce has some not so nice friends who spend entirely too much time ferrying quotes over to E! or we’re looking at some early, early stages of pregnancy. As in too early to be calling up E! news and confirming that she has another baby on the way. And if that’s the case, than the “not pregnant” lie is a fine one to tell at this stage in the game.

Also, somewhere Kim Kardashian is probably jumping up and down at the thought of no longer having to strategically give birth around 24/7 Bey pregnancy updates. The press gods are looking out for you, Kim.

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