22 Fascinating Facts About Jason Momoa

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Now onto that infamous (and sexy AF) scar.

jason momoa

Image: Instagram/@momoasberriess

What would Jason Momoa be without that scar on his eyebrow? Well, he’d still be hot as hell, but the scar certainly adds to his rugged sexiness. Some celebs play coy with their scars, but not Jason. The scar was result of being smashed in the face with a bar glass during a fight in Los Angeles. It required a whopping 140 stitches! Jason was injured not long before he began filming one of his most iconic roles – that of Khal Drogo on Game of Thrones. But rather than freak out or try to have it fixed, he went with it. And we have to say, the scar definitely added to Khal’s (and Jason’s) appeal.

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