22 Fascinating Facts About Jason Momoa

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We have to talk about those tattoos, now.

jason momoa

Image: Instagram/@prideofmomoas

We’ve seen a lot of Jason Momoa in … very little clothing. Like, a lot. Which is fine, we’re not mad about it AT ALL. But in the roles he’s most famous for, he’s got some pretty serious body ink happening. And while his own tattoos aren’t anywhere near at extensive, they are pretty meaningful. His left forearm is covered by a sleeve and is a tribute to his family’s god, or aumakua in Hawaiian mythology. It features rows of triangles that represent shark teeth, because a shark is his family’s guardian. He also has his kids’ initials tattooed on his chest. And on his right forearm the phrase, “etre toujours ivre”, which means “to always be drunk” in French.

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