Some Trolls Thought Jason Momoa Had Dad Bod And We’re Saying Come To Mama

jason momoa
Image: Instagram / @prideofgypsies

What in the name of all that is good and holy is this world coming to? Yummy god actor and all-around-nice-human Jason Momoa is all over the Internet again because a picture of him looking like a *gasp* real human showed up. Might we add, a mighty fine looking human at that, but all some haters could see was that Aquaman was no longer sporting those rad abs he was in the movie. Instead, the poor man was clearly enjoying a vacation with his lovely wife Lisa Bonet and their children, shirtless and minus a few in the six-pack. I mean, sure, the picture doesn’t show him sporting the Baywatch Hawaii abs, but don’t we know that we don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater and body-shaming the man does NO one any good? All we know is that if that’s what the new ‘Dad Bod,’ is, we’re here for it. So were hoards of the MerMan’s fans, who jumped to his defense and told all the haters to get the eff back to a real life.

Jason Momoa Dad Bod Is Better Than Everyone Else’s Hot Bod

When UsWeekly shared the vacation photo on their Instagram, the claws came out as many were asking what happened to his abs and suggesting to him that he needed to get back to lifting and working out. Ummm, the man was on vacation, and forgive him for not wanting to suck it in and flex every second of the day. C’mon, he’s still Jason.freaking.Momoa and he still looked pretty stinking good, considering I can’t even be bothered to brush my teeth or wash my hair if I’m lucky enough to go on vacation.

Jason Momoa was shamed for 'dad bod' and his fans came to his defense

We’re pretty sure that he’s made quite the points through the years with his working out stamina and ability to make man and woman alike swoon with awe (and jealousy), so it only stands to reason that him looking hot as hell instead of ridiculously hot as hell would bring the keyboard courage out in so many. But there’ve always gotta be those downers who feel taller by cutting other people’s heads off and open their big mouths.

Jason Momoa Dad Bod was a thing on the Internet and had people rushing to his defense
Image: Instagram/UsWeekly

Dad Bod Lovers Unite

Momoa’s fans were having none of it, y’all, and we mean none of it. Sharing how it’s ridiculous that we as a society body shame ANYone is ridiculous, but to body shame him for not walking around all ripped every second of the day as if that’s ANYbody’s real life when he looks as good as he does? (And oh, does he!) Just insanity.

Momoa hasn’t responded to either the losers who were trying to shame him or his loyal subjects fans, but dude doesn’t owe anybody anything.

He’s married to the gorgeous Lisa Bonet, has gorgeous children and they all love each other and the earth and life is pretty stinking beautiful, we guess from their point of view. He’s enjoying his vacation, rocking it as a humanitarian, husband and dad, and guess what? If that’s ‘Dad Bod?’ There are a lot of us out here that are A-Okay with that!

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