The Internet Thinks It’s Not Okay To Bring A 10-Year-Old To A Sex Shop Because It’d Be A Buzz-Kill For All The Adults There

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BFP7HhXCYAAN2joI’m always apprehensive to read an article written by a self-proclaimed “bad mom.” Too often these articles just come off as desperate attempts to appear cooler than the rest of us moms who don’t have a problem admitting that we prefer and actually try to make sound parenting decisions. This week’s incarnation of this tired theme came courtesy of Jane Pratt, of xoJane. It was titled, Jane Pratt, Worst Mom In The World: Should I Bring My 10-Year-Old To A Sex Shop?

Jane is torn because there is a meet-up at the sex shop Babeland she really wants to attend that evening, but she can’t secure a babysitter for her 10-year-old. So she does what any other mom in her shoes would do: she takes an Internet poll:

I am wondering whether you think it is a good or bad idea to bring Charlotte. Here are some potential pros and cons (I will let you decide which are which, ’cause I don’t know)

She goes on to explain that her 10-year-old already knows about sex toys – so no big deal, right? Some potential “cons” – well, she doesn’t call them cons because she doesn’t “know” – but the things that I believe would be cons would be  the “alcohol and drunk people there,” someone named Emily “using some toys there to demonstrate which are her favorites and why,” and “some sex confessionals thing going on.”

Immediately after reading this I thought, No way are people going to get behind this. Babeland is an awesome store for adults, but it’s basically just a room full of brilliantly colored vibrators and dildos in every shape and color you can imagine. Okay, there is other stuff that I can’t really remember right now because I only go for the vibrators. You get the picture though – it’s a sex store. With sex toys. For adults. Add some drunk people, sex confessionals and someone demonstrating how to use sex toys – and I think we can all agree that it’s not the best place for a child, right?

The resounding answer was, no it’s not – but not for the reasons you may imagine. Not very many people seemed to give two shits that this wasn’t the best place for a child – most of them just agreed a child would be a buzz-kill for all of the adults there:

I wouldn’t bring a 10 year old. Having a kid around definitely changes the tone of an otherwise adults-only event.

Whether or not you think it’s appropriate for her is up to you, but it will definitely make others a little uncomfortable with a child around- no one wants to talk sex with a kid hanging onto your every word.

Nope. I’m sure we’d all love to meet her but I’m not sure most adult women would feel comfortable talking about sex in front of someone’s 10 year old.

Ya know, I agree that it’s not a big deal for a kid to see or know about sex toys. Like, at all. But I do think it could potentially be very uncomfortable for the other guests…

no. very inappropriate. but more so the no is for the sake of those attending. don’t bring her.

I’m confused.

What the Internet taught me today… I’m clearly a prude because I think a sex shop is not an appropriate place for a 10-year-old.

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