We Love That Jane Fonda Is Still Hopping Into Those Leotards

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Jane Fonda leotard TODAY showThese days, it’s difficult to find a woman over 25 who doesn’t consider herself “too old” in some capacity. Women in their late 20s are worried about wrinkles and 11 years olds are getting bikini waxes so clearly our culture has a wonky idea of what youth even is. And while our perception of “young” and “old” continue to get warped by the media, we know one thing that’s for sure. Jane Fonda will still be throwing on leotards.

Jane may be 73, but the fitness guru, author, and mother of two keeps hopping into those leotards — the same ones from the 80s even.

Jane dropped by the Today show with TV favorites Doda Kotb and Kathy Lee Gifford where she engaged both ladies in a mini-aerobics lesson. The whole outfit was there, from the striped leotard to the leggings to even that signature belt.

The actress has found fitness to be crucial to her life, particularly as she ages which she conveys her book Prime Time. The outspoken feminist also reportedly has two films in the works: Peace, Love & Misunderstanding with Elizabeth Olsen and Chace Crawford, and a French comedy  Et Si On Vivait Tous Ensemble (And If We All Lived Together).

Glad to see that Lady Jane is keeping up with her French — and her fitness.