Jim Bob Duggar Jokes About Jana Duggar Still Being Single, Hardy-Har-Har

Oh, that Jim Bob. Full of jokes at his daughter’s expense! Jana Duggar is 28, the oldest of the Duggar girls, and is not married. In the Duggar family, that makes her a bit of an odd duck. Most of the other Duggar girls were married and expecting by their 20th birthdays. So the fact that Jana still hasn’t “settled down” and popped out a few kids is cause for a lot of speculation. Her twin brother John David is ALSO still single, but it’s apparently not as devastating for the Duggar men (eye-roll). Jim Bob Duggar was in Australia over the weekend, speaking at Kilsyth South Baptist Church. Someone asked about Jana, and he made a joke about her “status”. Thanks, Dad!

John David and Jana Duggar celebrated their 28th birthday this weekend. The rest of the family was in Australia, where Jim Bob was taking part in an event put on by Basic Life Principles.


When he was asked about Jana, Jim Bob had this to say: “And Jana is–actually, back in the U.S., it’s her birthday. Jana is 28-years-old and still single, so she’s still praying about the one.” Um … ok. Dad joke? Or dick move?

A Reddit thread on the Duggars was torn on Jim Bob’s intent with the “joke.” While some were quick to point out that he was very likely joking and didn’t mean any harm with his comments, others weren’t so sure.

jana duggar
Image: Reddit/CountingOn

Maybe Jim Bob was joking, or maybe he was trying to diffuse an uncomfortable situation. But honestly, it was probably pretty hurtful to Jana.


It really is extraordinarily strange that Jana Duggar is still single and doesn’t have 3 or 4 kids by now. The theories about her status are pretty out there; people surmise that she’s still single because she’t too busy taking care of the younger Duggar kids to date. Others think she’s just “picky”. But in reality, Jana is a grown-ass woman, and even though her family has forged a path they want her to follow, she seems pretty intent on doing things her own way. She lives at home, but keeps busy with several hobbies.

I honestly hope Jana never gets married (but it would be so nice to see her move out of that house). Unless she wants to, of course! Right now, Jana seems to enjoy marching to the beat of her own drum. So refreshing for a family who doesn’t seem to step out of line at all.

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