Jamie Oliver Gives More Time To Journalists Than His Wife

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Fans of Jamie Oliver will be disappointed to learn that the chef and health advocate isn’t much of a family man. The wealthy TV personality and father of four revealed that although he’s dedicated to battling obesity, he doesn’t have much time for his spouse.

Daily Mail quotes Jamie as saying:

Jamie says when it comes to some of his social projects, like his anti-obesity campaigns, his wife is not that understanding. ‘She doesn’t necessarily get everything I do. She’s like “why do you care?” to be honest, I’ve probably given journalists more time than her.’

Honest perhaps, but still unkind. Jamie also reveals that his wife has taken only one holiday without the kids in eight years which is odd considering that Jamie’s worth has soared to £106  million — surely enough to pop for a few part-time nannies here and there. While it could always be Mrs. Oliver’s choice to shoulder the majority of the childcare, Jamie’s comments reveal that he is more dedicated to his career than to his family.

(photo: WENN)