Questionable Doctor Knocks Jamie Lynn Spears For Posting ‘Sexy’ Video Of Her Daughter To Instagram

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jamie lynn spears daughter dancing to iggy azaelaOh lawdy! The morality police are at it again. Jamie Lynn Spears (sister of Britney, Bitch) is being criticized for allowing her five-year-old daughter Maddie to listen to potty-mouthed rapper Iggy Azalea and posting a video of Maddie dancing to the singer’s hit song “Fancy.” So Radar Online talked to a completely unrelated doctor who has never met the star to let us know how terribly, terribly damaging this will be. Let me go get some pearls to clutch!

The 21-year-old mom and singer posted the video to her Instagram account along with the hashtag #ProudMom, and the Tipper Gore‘s of the world were soon showing their displeasure, all of because of some “raunchy” lyrics that you can barely understand as an adult, let alone as a five-year-old kid. Apparently being “Britney, Bitch” is okay, but being a “Bad Bitch” is a big no-no.

Radar Online talked to a “leading psychologist” (though I didn’t realize that legit doctors would publicly discuss the mental health of people they’ve never treated), Dr. Judy Kuriansky, who was “not impressed” with the short clip. Kuriansky, who Radar Online acknowledges has never met or treated Spears, says:

“This video is totally inappropriate, Maddie is way too young to be exposed to that type of music.”

Kuriansky goes on to speculate that she believes Spears’ choice to play this type of music is due to her “sex, drugs and rock and roll” upbringing and that it could have serious impact on Maddie’s well-being:

“Five-year-old children don’t have the cognitive development to know what is socially appropriate. She will think this behavior is normal…Some young mothers say, ”I acted this way because of what I was exposed to, and I will not do this to my child. It’s very sad she’s not breaking the cycle.’

What’s really sad is that Radar Online and this hack shrink would sexualize a perfectly tame video of a little girl dancing to a Top 40 radio song to get page views and knock a young mom whose life seems very much on track. There is nothing sexy or sexual about the video clip whatsoever. The kid isn’t singing along, and you can barely hear the lyrics, let alone make out what the singer is saying. I think it’s incredibly irresponsible for a psychologist to publicly speculate on someone’s mental health or their children’s mental health, especially when she hasn’t met the people in question, let alone treated them. If you ask me, this “doctor’s” license should be taken away.