The Killing’s Jamie Anne Allman Highlights Her ‘Horrible’ Pregnancy And I Vow Never To Complain Again

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shutterstock_98675252In an exclusive interview with Us Weekly, The Killing‘s Jamie Anne Allman reveals she had a “horrible” pregnancy – but that light term puts most of us who complain about our experiences to shame. I’d say she was put through the wringer.

The fact that she was carrying twins ups the ante off the bat. Thankfully her two sons with husband and True Blood star, Marshall Allman, Asher James and Oliver Charles are healthy and growing despite being born eighty-one days before their due date.

“Oliver was 2 lbs., 11 oz., and he was discharged at 7 lbs., 7 oz,” she says of her firstborn. “Asher was 3 lbs., but he was discharged from the hospital at 8 lbs., 1 oz.”

Now that we know the story has a happy ending, Allman goes on to detail the laundry list of health issues she experienced during pregnancy. I have to use her words because otherwise you might not believe me. It’s a little bit scary.

“I puked seven to 12 times a day, and then I peed my pants every time I puked,” Jamie recalls. “I popped blood vessels all around my eyes from every time I vomited, and if I moved slightly I would puke, so I couldn’t really walk to the bathroom.”

Jamie lost her appetite (“I ate toast and apples,” she says) but continued to eat for her twins’ sake. “My husband gave me snacks all day long, and I ate horribly because I couldn’t eat anything else,” she admits. “Pop-Tarts and Toaster Strudel really helped me!”

Because the Kansas native had a shortened cervix, she was put on bed rest for most of her pregnancy. Calling her second trimester “horrible,” Jamie — who was also diagnosed with gestational diabetes — says she used a wheelchair before being admitted to the hospital in January. “They wanted me in the hospital for three months because the shortened cervix was slowly disappearing,” she explains. “Then I got a bladder infection and delivered that day.”

I suffered from hyperemesis gravidarum with my daughter, so I understand her puking plight. I threw up eight to twelve times a day, even after something as bland as a cracker or a sip of water. Anything was a trigger. I was on bed-rest during that period but after twenty-weeks I felt up to — and was allowed to — walk around again. After that I suffered from the run-of-the-mill complaints — low back pain, migraines, stress incontinence, and the other normal stuff that comes with growing a human being. Yet all of a sudden I feel like a weakling for complaining

As much as all that sounded, Allman doesn’t think it was all that bad in the end — she’s already planning a Brangelina-sized brood. “I kind of want maybe four more,” she tells Us. “I think it’s really amazing to have a big family. I’ve always wanted one.”

Allman joins the ranks of Drew Barrymore and Isla Fisher in putting out an honest dialogue about pregnancy and postpartum bodies.

She hopes her story gives other women who’ve been through similar experiences a sense of comraderie. “It was not fun,” she explains. “I just like to be open and honest and transparent about stuff like that.”

Keep talking, Jaime Anne, we love knowing we aren’t alone in the moments we don’t think the miracle of life is so damn rosy and glowing.

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