Meet The Alleged Colorado Shooter, James Holmes, Face To Face

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James Holmes

Authorities have yet to discern a motive for alleged Colorado shooter, 24-year-old James Holmes, opening fire on many children and adults during The Dark Knight Rises. But at least we now know what he looks like thanks to University of Colorado-Denver. CU sent this image over to The Denver Channel, leftover from Holmes’ time at the university pursuing a PhD in neuroscience ( he dropped out last month).

The young man is reportedly still in custody as police try to enter his “booby-trapped” residence. His Denver-area apartment has been completely evacuated as well as five surrounding buildings in response to police spotting “buckets of extra ammunition” and an unspecified “chemical” inside the residence. Cameras are currently being used along with bomb technicians to properly disarm and investigate the home.  Aurora Police chief Dan Oates estimated that it could take anywhere between hours or days to get into the apartment safely.

Meanwhile, his mother was very frank with the press about her suspicions that her son was involved in the attack before even being notified. A mother’s instinct?