Jackass BMW Driver Rams School Bus to Shave a Few Minutes Off His Trip

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Who rams a fucking school bus? There’s a reason we make those things bright yellow and cover them with lights and little stop signs. They’re full of children, and we’re supposed to be careful when driving around them. It would take one hell of an irrational, oblivious asshat to drive so dangerously that he not only rams a school bus but also wrecks his own car, and that happened this week when a guy lost his mind on a highway in New York. Unfortunately for him, the whole thing was caught on video.

According to BoingBoing, a car in front of the BMW had front and rear dash cameras installed, so it recorded the whole thing from both angles. Everything was going normally, except that the driver had a BMW behind him that was getting close and seemed to be a bit too aggressive. Then the driver of the middle car paused to allow a school bus to merge, and the BMW driver completely lost his shit. He started honking and yelling at the driver who had the audacity to let a school bus go.

Then, suddenly, the BMW hit the gas and started speeding in an attempt to pass both the car with the cameras and the school bus. He guns it, and it looks like he’s breaking the speed limit as he passes on the right. Then he attempts to do the same to the school bus, without looking where the hell he was going, and he wound up driving straight through some orange barrels, ramming the school bus, and pinning his car on top of a concrete barrier.

When he gets out of the car, the BMW driver with his gelled tips looks pretty upset.

“I thought there was another lane!” he shouts helplessly.

Albany residents say that has always been a one-lane road. And there was a concrete barrier with orange barrels up all alongside it. If he’d been driving like a normal person, he’d have seen that there was no lane where he was trying to go.

This guy is doing nothing to fight the stereotype that people in BMWs drive like assholes. (I know #notallBMWdrivers drive like assholes. But the stereotype exists.) He also is not going to be happy about the fact that the whole thing was caught on video. Repairs to a BMW are expensive, and his insurance company is probably going to love having a video showing that it was all his fault, and that’s if he doesn’t lose his license for hitting that school bus. It looks like he’s going to be regretting that stupid, dangerous decision for a long, long time.