Jack Osbourne Is My New Fave Celebrity Parent And I Hardly Know Who He Is!

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Jack Osbourne. Ozzy’s son. That is my entire knowledge of Jack Osbourne. But he had a baby! A little girl he and his super cute wife Lisa named Pearl Clementine. And all you people who keep inundating little Peal with scads of baby gifts, well, you can just stop right now!

From People Magazine:

“Everyone does [spoil her],” Osbourne, 26, tells PEOPLE. “We’ve had to respectfully decline any more gifts.”

But the offerings haven’t been out of the ordinary. “We haven’t gotten anything too crazy,” he says. “There have just been lots of clothes and toys. Not really too outrageous for a baby.”

How cool. Seriously. Every day I see celebrity moms on my Twitter feed thanking companies for sending them free baby junk, diapers, toys, various other gifts and now we have a celebrity declining gifts. And it’s not just this that has me applauding the parenting choices of Jack and Lisa, they also has some interesting things to say about homeschooling their daughter.

From Contract Music:

The ‘Adrenalin Junkie’ star and his new wife Lisa are concerned about the poor quality of education in Los Angeles and worry their five-month-old daughter Pearl will be bullied by other children when she is old enough to attend school so are opting not to enroll her into a traditional educational establishment.

Jack said: ”The schools here in LA are terrible – we’re planning to home-school Pearl.

”To put a kid in a good private school is $35-40,000 a year. I’d rather hire a teacher who can travel with us.”

Lisa added: ”In LA, a lot of kids have Christian Louboutin shoes when they’re 13. It’s so ridiculous. I don’t want her to be associated with that.

”Our name will follow us. People will treat Pearl differently, for better or worse. If she’s being a brat and people accept that because she’s an Osbourne, that’s not what we want at all.”

Awww, finally some new celebrity parents that don’t make my skin crawl! Jack Osbourne seems like he is really being a thoughtful parent in the raising of his new daughter. I may have to start paying closer attention to him so I can have a point of reference other than just “Ozzy’s son.”

(photo: PCN NEWS)