IVF: Coming To A State Near You?

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Here’s a map you don’t see too often: one filled with stats on which states use IVF treatments the most. Compiled by Fertility Nation, it shows that women in Washington, DC, use IVF more than any other state – and almost twice as much as the second-ranked state (Massachusetts). In Maine, Montana and Wyoming, on the other hand, IVF is apparently a no-no.

More than 50,000 American children are born each year using the procedure, according to Fertility Nation (they’ve even done the math for us: that works out to more than 1 percent of US births annually). They note that the top five states for IVF are located on the east coast, and that the ten lowest-ranked states tend to be located in in low-density states with low populations and low average household incomes.

Meanwhile, all of the top ten states have lower-than-average percentages of people without health insurance (keep in mind that the expensive procedure is not covered by most insurance).