My Son Is A Vegan. But I Pretend He Has An Allergy–For Convenience

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That night I realized what I was doing wrong. When I tell people we are vegan for ethical reasons nobody cares. When I say it’s an allergy everyone springs into action to create original dishes not even on the menu. My only issue is that I obviously taught Noah that lying is wrong and to always tell the truth. But really, what other options do I have? If Noah were allergic to dairy his classroom parties would accommodate him, but since it’s an ethical decision it’s not even a consideration. Well I definitely won’t lie to his school, but you can be damn sure next time we go to a restaurant we are the allergy family. Maybe I should bring a fake EpiPen.
A week later we sit down at a popular Toronto restaurant and I smile innocently and politely say to our server, “We are allergic to dairy, eggs, fish and every kind of meat imaginable. Can we speak with the chef?” Of course my always honest son pipes up rather loudly, “No we aren’t allergic! We just don’t like eating our friends!”

On to the next dilemma: How do I teach Noah when is lying ok?

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