Ivanka Trump Will Give Birth And Then Prompty Move Her Jewelry Business

Ivanka Trump is due to give birth this month and aside from having meetings scheduled for two weeks after the baby’s arrival, the business mogul and soon-to-be mommy will be moving her jewelry business to SoHo in NYC this fall.

According to The New York post, Ivanka “will move from 900 square feet at 685 Madison Ave. between 61st and 62nd streets to a spectacular duplex space of 3,100 square feet at 109 Mercer St. between Spring and Prince streets.” The SoHo location is right next door to Philip Lim, Chanel, Hugo Boss, and Agent Provocateur and was once home to the Alaska House folk art showcase.

Ivanka appears to give no suggestion of slowing down her career in the wake of motherhood, but the savvy businesswoman has also had a”remarkably easy pregnancy,” according to Harper’s Bazaar. Ivanka told the magazine that not only was she having no morning sickness or complications, but also very few cravings.

Despite actively managing her brand, Ivanka has thrown herself into preparing for her new addition by reading loads of parenting books:

Trump says she has had a remarkably easy pregnancy: no morning sickness, no complications, and no cravings other than a hankering for double-toasted salt bagels with cream cheese. “I do have a bit of first-time-mom syndrome,” she admits, chuckling over the piles of books on pregnancy, mothering, and early-childhood development she’s assigned herself. “I’m already on what I should be doing when she is three and when I should introduce new languages,” including French and Mandarin Chinese.

Ivanka’s “full-throttle” approach indicates that she not only has the resources to keep both motherhood and career plates spinning, but also that she has the time to consider new languages and child development. While it’s likely that most career-orientated mothers with such objectives and capabilities have co-parenting partners, it’s safe to assume that Ivanka has a truckload of nannies on standby.

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