There Is Nothing Wrong With Giving Your Kids A Puppy As A Christmas Gift

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I have noticed recently that the internet thinks that giving a puppy as a Christmas gift is not a good idea. I am not sure if shelter statistics bear this out or not but it would seem that many are concerned a puppy given as a gift will wind up unwanted and sent to a shelter. I suppose I can see this point but I firmly believe that any family horrible enough to ditch a dog because it grew up and was not a cute, tiny puppy anymore would have done so no matter when they got the dog. It is not the act of giving the dog as a Christmas gift that seals its fate- its the act of horrible people not thinking ahead that causes animals to be sent to shelters. That said, I truly see no problem with giving your kids a puppy as a Christmas gift provided you were planning on getting one regardless. I can’t think of many sweeter surprises to give to someone and if you know the puppy will be a welcome addition, why not create that memorable first moment in the life of your family’s pet?

This post was inspired by a Buzzfeed post I saw recently with video of people, adults and children, being surprised by a puppy on Christmas. The video is so sweet and had me in happy tears within the first minute. Seeing joy spelled across someone’s face is a wonderful thing and I got the feeling that each one of these dogs is now with an owner who will happily care for them for life. Maybe I am naive but I would like to give people the benefit of the doubt. Just because a dog is a gift doesn’t necessarily mean that dog won’t be treated well. The internet does not agree with me as most of the comment section was condemning it as basically the worst gift ever:

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When parents decide it is time for their child to get a puppy, I think it is safe to say it is usually a well-thought-out decision. Any parent worth their salt knows that it is a distinct possibility that they will end up helping care for the pet, if not bear the brunt of the dog chores entirely. I think this is the case whether a puppy is a Christmas gift or not. Any parent giving their child a puppy for Christmas thinking it’s just an adorable play thing that will stay tiny forever is not very smart and is probably the very person the internet clutches their pearls over but I would like to think this type of person is the exception rather than the rule.

I will say that I think it is positively crazy to gift a puppy to someone, totally unawares. To surprise someone, adult or child, with a pet you are not 100% certain they want is not a good idea. But for a parent who runs a household to make that decision for the family and then decide to make the puppy a happy surprise on Christmas morning? As long as the decision was carefully considered and executed, I really see no issue. Feel free to argue with me, maybe there is something I am missing. I do see where this could be a concern but I feel in my heart that the vast majority of Christmas Day puppy gifts are just the start of a beautiful friendship.

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