Old Phones, Netflix, And Other Perfect ‘Co-Parents’

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6. Unwrapper Videos



We talked about these last month and it was new to me — these videos were not a thing when my kids were toddlers but boy, do I wish they were. In my research writing about them, I watched probably 15 of them in a row. If they can mesmerize a 33-year old woman, I can only imagine their power over a toddler.

7. Older Siblings



If you have a small child who requires a lot of attention, a patient older sibling can be the best co-parent of all. My daughter occupies my son better than I do most of the time. I’m no Michelle Duggar, it’s not as though she feeds and bathes him, but she is amazing at keeping him busy when I need to get stuff done.

8. Play-Doh 

play doh


If you can get past the cringe-inducing awfulness of watching them mash the colors together, Play-Doh can be a most effective child occupier. There is something soothing about squishing it in your hands, you have to admit. Little kids might be on to something.

9. Lollipops



When the bank teller at the drive-thru puts lollipops in the little tube, my kids act like they’ve won the lottery. It buys me a good 10 minutes of silence while they happily consume their windfall.

10. Electronics

zoning out


The Grand Daddy of co-parents is the tablet or video game system. I was a late joiner to this game and I now regret all the suffering I went through before allowing them to have this stuff. My son might get up at 6 am but thanks to his Nintendo DS, I don’t have to deal with him until I’m ready to wake.

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