Old Phones, Netflix, And Other Perfect ‘Co-Parents’

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As parents, we need all the help we can get. For those of us with a spouse or co-parent, a lot of it can come from taking turns with child care duties and getting breaks when we need them. However, there are many times in a parent’s day when help from another human is simply not an option. That’s when certain things can pinch hit for you — be it something to make your day go a little easier or an object to distract your small child so you no longer have to. Here are all of the “co-parents” that can help you along your journey as a parent.

1. Coffee

coffee pot


It positively blows my mind when I meet a parent who doesn’t drink coffee. I mean honestly, how DO you do it? In the early mornings when my kids are raring to roll, coffee is the only thing that keeps me from running out the front door screaming. Without it, my mom game would be in the toilet.

2. Alcohol

drink wine cox


Of course I understand that alcohol is not for everyone, but I have to say — not much else soothes me at the end of a very long day of parenting like a glass of wine. Or sometimes during a long day of parenting. Don’t judge me.

3. Netflix



Guys, don’t we feel like that whole “another episode plays 15 seconds after the previous one ends” feature was added just for parents? When I need to get things done, nothing jumps in for me like good old Uncle Netflix. Dependable and full of options, it never fails to keep my kids in one place when I am not able to fully supervise them.

4. Old Phone Covers

texting selena


What is it with phone covers? Even at seven and five, my kids are positively fascinated by them. They each have one of my old ones and they “text” each other when they play pretend. I know of many toddlers who just enjoy chewing on them. Whatever’s clever, right?

5. Goldfish Crackers

kid eating


When you can’t be fully present, scattering Goldfish crackers on the coffee table is a sure-fire way to keep a toddler in one place for at least 10 minutes. Very helpful when you need a trip to the bathroom without anyone climbing into your lap.

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