If This Happened To Your Kid’s Cake And You Didn’t Laugh, We Can’t Be Friends

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Some parents get pretty worked up about their kids’ birthday parties. I would not be one of them, at least not after eight years worth of my kids’ birthdays have beaten me down to a point of only bothering with balloons and a grocery store cake. However, there are plenty of moms and dads out there who would think it a complete disaster if a store made an error on their kid’s birthday cake, even if it were an error as funny as this one.

An Italian bakery had a little mix-up and instead of the My Little Pony cake her parents requested, a 9-year old girl was introduced to a 1960’s era singer named My Little Tony. Honestly, I can’t stop laughing. From The Telegraph, a truly hysterical tale of a birthday cake gone wrong:

Instead of a bright pink pony with an electric blue mane, the little girl, named Evelina, got a cake adorned with the bouffant-haired singer in a sparkly white jacket.

Little Tony, whose real name was Antonio Ciacci, was Italy’s answer to Cliff Richard and modelled himself on Elvis.

I realize the little girl must have been disappointed but honestly, is it really that big of a deal? Get a refund and move on with life if you’re upset, but if this were my kid’s cake, I would be taking photos and showing everyone I know because it’s HILARIOUS. Check it out:

tony cake


Were it me, I would run to the grocery store and buy a new cake if my child was upset but I would definitely be keeping this cake and dying laughing for the rest of the day. Come on, that’s really funny. According to The Telegraph, little Evelina is not so amused and could even sue if her parents were so inclined:

Codacons, Italy’s consumer association, said the girl and her family would be within their rights to take the pastry shop to court.

The association said it had won damages for a similar case in the past where the spumante sparkling wine at a party was flat.

I’m sorry, anyone who sues over this and doesn’t celebrate it’s quirky amazingness is a complete jerk. This is definitely not worth a lawsuit and should just become a great story Evelina and her parents can tell people for the rest of time. I know I would.

Of course, many parents want their kids to have perfect birthday parties and if something major goes wrong, they have a right to be unhappy about it, but it’s also important as a parent to retain a sense of humor. Things WILL go wrong and sometimes, your child will be upset. Hell, my daughter mangled her Dr. Seuss cake at two years old because she thought it looked so much like One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish that she should be turning the page! At the time, I was a little miffed because it was one seriously expensive cake but looking back, it’s one of my favorite stories from her childhood because it was way too funny. Sometimes, the things that seem like the biggest disasters can be the best memories in hindsight. Keep perspective if you kid’s cake is a big, fat fail. It’s truly not the end of the world.

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