When It Comes To Labor, Choose Pain. It Just Makes Sense

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natural-laborHey pregnant lady! Has anyone told you yet that you were born to give birth? It’s the most natural thing in the world. Women have literally been doing it since the beginning of time! Just in case you have an annoying doctor who is trying to force you through a birth assisted with the miracles of modern medicine – I’m here to remind you that is a horrible idea. Here’s why.

1. Natural birth is better for baby! Duh!

By avoiding pain medications your baby will be born more alert and more active than babies that have been drugged up from pain medications.

Are you interested in accepting an epidural for pain management? You are selfishly denying your baby the opportunity to be more aware in her first few hours of birth. Which is important, as I’m sure you planned on bringing your taxes to the hospital with you for her to work on. You didn’t accept novocaine for that root canal, did you? Oh, yes you did – but this is totally different. Trust me.

2. You want to experience an unmedicated labor. Do you hear me? You want to.

The labor experience is not just about experiencing pain, it’s about knowing what labor feels like, and knowing what you are capable of. It’s about gaining confidence from learning to manage your pain naturally, and experiencing the exhilaration that comes from pushing your baby out with the pain of a contraction.

Yes! It absolutely makes sense that this is basically the only major medical event many, many people insist should be undertaken without pain management. Why wouldn’t you recommend that a being upwards of eight pounds emerge from your vagina without something to numb the pain? It just makes sense.

3. You will find strength you never knew you had.

Rather than a physical strength, natural childbirth requires an emotional and mental strength to not give up. For many women, childbirth is the first time they have experienced such a challenge.

Have you ever been in excruciating pain for hours on end? Well, it’s very important for developing character. Trust me, it is. I’m not sure why – it’s just better this way.

4. Natural childbirth lets you experience labor as nature intended!

“If labor were really that bad there would never be any children. Childbirth isn’t that bad, it’s when we mess with it that it becomes bad. Nature created a system that works.”

Yes, if labor were really that bad our biological ability to become pregnant would cease. Everything in nature works the way it should. We don’t need to help it along at all. Science is totally stupid! Put that Tylenol down, jerk.

5. You will be more satisfied with your birth experience. 

Women who have a natural childbirth, often report feeling more satisfied and happy with their birth experience.

You’ve endured ungodly amounts of pain and delivered your child without the help of anything to alleviate that pain. Someone will soon be showing up at the side of your birthing pool to deliver several bars of gold, a trophy, and a new car! Wait – no they won’t! You’ll get to hold your baby, though – which I don’t think you’re allowed to do if you accept an epidural. The hospital staff makes you sit in a corner for a while with a shirt that says “wimp” on it.

You don’t want to sit in the corner do you? Choose pain.