Star Reaches New Low In ‘Celebrity Bump Watch’ By Photoshopping Pregnancy Onto Kate Middleton

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kate middleton pregnantRumor is that Kate Middleton is pregnant. Welcome to every day of my Mommyish tenure ever since she and Prince William were married in 2011. But until that long-held media wish for the Duchess comes true, some tabloids are willing to just photoshop a pregnancy for her. Maybe next they can just add fictitious babies and strollers too?

Celebuzz reports that after taking a few glances at the Star magazine cover, which details her pregnancy with twins, a few details seem off. For one, the original photo doesn’t have a ballooning belly under her floral gown. Cradling her blossoming tummy in one hand while smiling with a glass of water in the other, Kate appears like a contrived modern Madonna. In fact, she appears a lot like the tabloid-tastic press would like to see her: pregnant and smiling.

As someone who consistently sits on the other end of speculative celebrity pregnancy reports with obsessive updates on women’s every angle and weight fluctuation, I find that such a blatant liberty by the press announces a new era in women’s bodies obsession. Manipulation beyond red circles over cellulite or stretch marks or body snarking commentary on “her new fuller figure.” While an entire photoshopped pregnancy might be an appealing scenario for those celebrity mothers who don’t wish to be as forthcoming about their surrogates, the initiative by Star just bodes poorly for where press is willing to go — and stop. Now, I’m beginning to think that those images of Drew Barrymore‘s sonogram were photoshopped in, too.