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5 WTF Reasons People Hate Daycare

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As with any hot topic in the parenting community, there are always people (ahem, Dr. Laura) who disagree:

1. Neglect.

I consider day care to be neglect and child abandonment.  There has been sufficient research over the years demonstrating the negative impact of day care on children.

Dr. Laura

2. Starting Them Too Early.

Don’t feel pressured to get your child into a preschool before he’s ready. It’s my belief, although there’s no research to support it, that one of the great preschool myths is that your child may be academically disadvantaged if he doesn’t attend a preschool. When parents who aren’t keen on putting their kids in preschool ask me for my thoughts, I tell them the only things children are likely to get at preschool that they won’t at home are bad habits and an increase in their exposure to germs. That said, there are situations, such as a parent returning to work, when not going to preschool is not an option.

Dr. William Sears

3. Children Are Too Young To Be Separated From Parents.

“For two years we watched day care children respond to the stresses of eight to ten hours a day of separation from their parents with tears, anger, withdrawal, or profound sadness,” the Dreskins write, “and we found, to our dismay, that nothing in our own affection and caring for these children would erase this sense of loss and abandonment.” They found themselves in a dilemma: “The problem was not with our facility…. It was obvious that there was a problem inherent in day care itself, a problem that hung like a dark storm over ‘good’ and ‘bad’ day care centers alike. The children were too young to be spending so much time away from their parents. They were like young birds being forced out of the nest and abandoned by their parents before they could fly, their wings undeveloped, unready to carry them out into the world.” “We were so distressed by our observations,” the Dreskins conclude, “that we closed the center.”

4. SAHMs Are Luckier.

Personally, I am very thankful that I have gotten to stay home with my son his first two – two and half years of life. I feel I have gotten to invest a lot of time and energy into him. To me he’s brilliant. He’s not even two and he knows all the ABC’s (not just repeating them back but has letter recognition). He also knows all his primary colors, and he knows 1-9. Not everyone is lucky enough to get to be their child’s “first” teacher. 

5. You Can’t Trust Anyone With Your Children.

I’m happy i stay home as well. Mostly because no one can be trusted with your children like you can…

All I have to say is that is pretty fucking harsh, Dr. Laura. I personally chose part-time daycare for my kids because it benefits them socially, according to research, and because I need some time to get work done in daytime hours. Win-win.

As with most debates in the “mommy wars,” this is one battle that will probably never end. I would never criticize a woman who decides to stay home with her kids for personal or financial reasons, and I would expect the same respect as a working mother. Daycare is an excellent option for your kids if you want to or need to use it.

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